drIVe Hydration Spa - About Us

Spencer Ferrell RN

Our main Hydration Specialist and Spa Director is Spencer Ferrell RN

Spencer has been in the nursing industry since graduating college in 2015 and maintains his certified registered nursing certificate from the Texas Board of Nursing.

We require all of our hydration specialists to have current certification and ample experience to make you feel like you're in good hands at all times.

We started this company because we saw a missing component to the most important part of your health. Hydration. We provide intravenous hydration straight to the bloodstream to get you back to feeling your best as quickly as possible.

5 Surprising Dehydration Facts You May Not Know

Dehydration is defined as the condition in which the body’s loss of water exceeds its water intake. We need water for our bodies to function normally.

1. 100% of Us Are Now Dehydrated

Over the last few years, in a study, not a single patient tested positively for being hydrated. This is due to our modern lifestyle, environment, and food and water systems. In fact, the study considers dehydration to be the epidemic behind the epidemics.

2. Driving Dehydrated is Similar to Driving Under the Influence

That’s right, a study in the UK tested drivers who were dehydrated and found that they made on average twice as many errors as those who were hydrated. This is about the same number of errors that drivers made who consumed the legal limit of alcohol. Dehydration has been linked to a drop in concentration and short-term memory and an increase in anxiety and irritability. Conversely, studies are conclusive that hydration can improve attention and memory, especially for children.

3. Only 15 Ounces of Water is Consumed Daily by US Youth

According to a study reported by the Centers for Disease Control, US youth consume only 15 ounces of water on average per day. The very same youth who drink less water tended to drink less milk, eat less fruits and vegetables, drink more sugar-sweetened beverages, eat more fast food, and get less physical activity.

4. Chronic Dehydration is the Cause in 20% of Patients with Kidney Stones

A landmark trial involving over 700 patients concluded that chronic dehydration is a common cause of kidney stones in over 20% of patients and that this can be treated satisfactorily by simply increasing water intake. Patients with kidney stones who drank more water saw a markedly lower incidence of recurrence.

5. Only 3-4 Days to Live Without Water

As reported in Medical News Today, on average, we can only live for 3-4 days without water. While this can vary, humans can only survive a short amount of time without water because the body needs it for almost every process, including regulating body temperature, aiding in digestion, lubricating joints and the spinal cord, helping the brain make and use certain hormones, delivering oxygen, and eliminating waste.

IV therapy is the intravenous administration of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. This puts them directly in your bloodstream (increasing its absorption rate to 100% due to all of it bypassing your digestive system and GI tract), making them powerful enough to support your body as it attempts to heal infections, fatigue, heart disease, and even cancer.

Healthy individuals use IV therapy to recover from workouts, destress, regain energy, and more. It’s a time-tested therapy delivered in an innovative way, designed to help you reach optimum life quality.

The benefits:

  • Feel the results in under an hour
  • Four times as effective as oral vitamin pills
  • Personalized formulations provide customized solutions to your health issues and goals

The vitamins, minerals, and amino acids used in our drips and shots are essential for the biochemical reactions taking place in every cell in our bodies. Thus, you see improvement at every level and in every facet of your life.